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Postpartum Massage

Benefits of Postpartum Massage:


  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction

  • Pain Relief

  • Hormone Regulation

  • Decreased Swelling

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved Breastfeeding

  • Lighten Stretchmarks


The treatment is designed to soothe and support you following your pregnancy and birth. Following a your consultation, your postpartum massage will be especially designed to ease any discomforts you have following your birth such as back pain and/or discomfort in your shoulders due to breast feeding. Acupressure points and stretches will be used to improve your energy levels and allow you to relax, while specific abdominal massage techniques and products help to tone and tighten stretched skin and muscles.

After delivery, massage therapy aids the healing from the stress of pregnancy and quickens the natural recovery process by; helping to regulate hormones, restore muscular tone, stimulate lactation, aid in the reduction of fluids and swelling, and increase overall relaxation, rest and well-being. In addition to the physical demands from pregnancy research has shown that Post-Partum Massage can reduce a woman’s chance of suffering from post-partum depression.

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