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Deland Massage Therapy Therapist

Massage Therapy

is not pampering.
It is a valid part of your emotional and physical health routine.


After graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health in 1997, I was fortunate enough to work for Dr. Tiffany Fields, director of the Touch Research Institute, and participate in massage studies and the benefits during high risk pregnancies. This led me on my path of furthering my education and obtaining Advance Certification in Pre & Peri-Natal Massage Therapy. 

Unfortunately for me, I was in a debilitating car accident involving a Mack Truck. I spent 6 months of being out of work and receiving therapy 5-6 days a week. The silver lining is that I have personal experience in dealing and overcoming back pain. I now live most days without pain and I would love to help you do the same.

I offer massages in the comfort of your own home. I aim to create a relaxing and convenient experience. I make house calls my standard. I love that my clients don't have to drive home afterwards and deal with extra stress.

Prenatal / Pregnancy


Whether you are looking to relax or looking for some pain relief, there is no better time to receive a massage then when you are pregnant. Your body is changing every day and a massage will make you feel better.



You've given birth and your body is back to being your own. I personally feel that during what sometimes referred to as the "4th Trimester" is the most important time to be massaged. Your body has gone through the wringer and your emotions are on a roller coaster. Your postpartum massage will help your body adjust to it's new normal as well as give your hormones a much needed boost.

Infant & Pediatric


There are numerous benefits for massaging your children, whether they are a day old or in high school.

I will teach you how to massage your child for overall well being, no matter what their age is.

When they are first born you are helping them increase their weight gain and sleeping better. Once they are a little older you are helping them focus and dealing with growing pains. Massage will help you keep a connection with them.

Back Pain Relief


Are you tired of being in pain everyday? Let me help lessen and hopefully eliminate your pain all together.  We will work together to make sure you live a happier and more productive life. I use multiple modalities to achieve results such as Neuromuscular Re-education, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Stretching and Deep Tissue massage.

Swedish Relaxation


I will use Swedish massage techniques and reflexology to ensure that you are relaxed. Aromatherapy oils will be used, free of charge. *Scent free oils will be used upon request.

Couples Instructional


I will spend 2-3 hours teaching both partners how to massage each other. You will learn to give a massage that feels incredible and won't tire you out after 5 minutes. This the perfect date night but is also a popular present to give as a bridal shower or wedding gift. 

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